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SEDarwin CVSup Access

SEDarwin is developed in a Perforce repository which is mirrored via a CVSup mirror running on

The following collections are available:

SEDarwin 8.x (Mac OS X Tiger). This is the current development branch which also include a work-in-progress port of the reference policy.

SEDarwin 7.8 (Mac OS X Pather). This branch is no longer being actively developed.

A sample supfile that checks out both branches is below:

# This is a sample CVSup supfile for the SEDarwin Project.
# For more information on CVSup, see the CVSup home page at
# You may wish to change some of the settings in this file to better
# suit your system:
# base=/usr
#               This specifies the root where CVSup will store
#               information about the collections you have transferred
#               to your system.  A setting of "/usr/p4cvs" will
#               generate this information in /usr/p4cvs/sup.  Even
#               if you are CVSupping a large number of collections, you
#               will be hard pressed to generate more than ~1MB of data
#               in this directory.  You can override the "base" setting
#               on the command line with cvsup's "-b base" option.  This
#               directory must exist in order to run CVSup.

# prefix=/usr
#               This specifies where to place the requested files.  A
#               setting of "/usr/p4cvs" will place all of the files
#               requested in "/usr/p4cvs/projects/trustedbsd" (e.g.,
#               "/usr/p4cvs/projects/trustedbsd/mac").  The prefix
#               directory must exist in order to run CVSup.

# This is the host where the sources can be obtained.

*default base=/usr/src                  # Location to put the repository
*default prefix=/usr/src                # Where to put the cvsup subdirectory
*default delete                         # Delete obsolete files
*default use-rel-suffix
*default release=cvs                    # Get the cvs files

# If you wish to fetch the CVS repository (,v) files instead
# of checking out a source tree, comment out the following line.
*default tag=.

# Use this unless your network link is a T1 or faster.
*default compress

# These are the collections for the SEDarwin branchs in Perforce.
# Uncomment the ones you do wish to download.
p4-cvs-trustedbsd-sedarwin8             # SEDarwin 8.x
#p4-cvs-trustedbsd-sedarwin             # SEDarwin 7.x